• 3 reasons I like Crashplan more than Carbonite

    I have been a Carbonite fan for many years.  I’ve used it at home and at work.  Previously, I used it on home office employees in order to capture backups of their work data.  I’ve used it to backup my home server and home laptops and desktops.  I’m also currently using Carbonite for Business in order to backup some email archives that exist only on users local machines.  It’s extremely reliable and it’s saved me a few times through the years.

    That being said… I have tried out Crashplan’s similar service and I’m loving it.  Here is why:

      1. I LOVE the weekly email reports that I receive from Crashplan.  Particularly for my home server because I don’t look at it often.  It lets me know when the backup size has increased/decreased and if it loses connection with Crashplan and can’t do a backup.



    1. Crashplan’s basic plan ($69 per year) lets me backup my large external USB drives that are plugged into the machine being backed up.  Carbonite makes you subscribe to a more expensive $99 (Carbonite Personal Plus) per year plan to backup your connected external drives.  This makes Crashplan a more economical choice if you need to backup external drives.
    2. Crashplan has the Backup to a Friend feature and it’s just awesome.  This is something done in business all of the time, offsite backups to a secondary location.  Even if you can’t afford Crashplan Central (any one of their current paid subscriptions), you can use it to backup your data to a friend, neighbor or relative’s computer.  If you both have space to support your files and your friends you can essentially swap backup space.  They can backup all of their information to your PC and you can backup all of your information to their PC.  It’s all encrypted so your friend/relative/etc cannot actually view and use your data.  If your computer crashes, you can use Crashplan to recover your files and it will move them from your backup on the other machine to your new machine!  Pretty cool given it’s free!