• Setup Plex to Transcode using RAM & Speed Up Plex

    My family uses my Plex server from several locations so there are times I will have multiple videos transcoding on my machine which can cause delays and slow transcoding.  I noticed that even though my main disk was SSD, it could not keep up with transcoding more than two streams at a time.

    I found some info on this on reddit and then searched around a bit before I found the entire process I would need to do this so that it created the disk on every startup.

    My system is Windows 7 Pro so these directions are for Win 7 but can likely be adapted for other OSes with a little research.

    Since my machine has an extreme amount of RAM in it I use 32gb of the ram as a disk on startup and then set my Plex to use this to transcode videos. Mind you, I will not use all of this space for transcoding but I’m not using this RAM for anything else right now and I plan to move my Temp space for Windows and some browser files to this ramdisk in the future.  The great part is that it can be changed anytime by editing the batch file we will create below.Keep in mind, that doing this takes active RAM (memory) away from your system so if you only have 2gb of RAM and you’re running Windows this probably isn’t a great solution for you without upgrading the RAM on your system.

    It’s really easy to make this change.

    Create your RAMdisk batch file

    • First, download and install IMDisk here:  http://www.ltr-data.se/opencode.html/
    • Then open a notepad file and put this line in it:
      • imdisk -a -s 2g -m T: -p “/fs:ntfs /q /y”
    Customize this line to your system by changing the 2 to whatever number of gigabytes of ram you want to use for this disk.  If you want to use mb instead then just change the 2g to 512mb intstead.

    The T: is the drive letter so you can change this to any letter you want.   

    • Save the notepad file to your hard drive to a location like C:ImdiskStartup and name it imdisk-startup.bat

    Setup a Startup Task to create your RAMdisk on every boot

    • Search for Task Scheduler on your PC and open it
    • Open Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows and then make sure Windows is highlighted.  Then right click in the empty pane and click Create New Task
    Settings for task:
    Name:  Doesn’t really matter, named mine ‘IMDisk RAM startup’
    Description:  Not required
    Security Options:  Click Change User or Group, type SYSTEM in all Uppercase and click OK.  This should change the user account to NT AUTHORITYSYSTEM
    Check the box that says “Run with highest priveledges”
    Click New > On Begin the task choose At startup and click OK
    Click New > Click Browse > Browse to the .bat file you saved earlier in the C:IMdiskStartup folder (imdisk-startup.bat), choose the file and click OK
    Turn off Start the task only if computer is on AC power
    Click box for Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed
    Click OK to save the schedule

    Change Plex to use the new RAMdisk

    • Login to your Plex server and go to Settings > Server > Transcoder
    • Click Show Advanced
    • Change Transcoder Temporary Directory to your new drive letter
    • Click Save